EMISSION CONTROL - Real Driving Emissions




Concerning the transportation of people and goods the internal combustion engine is still the most important drive system world-wide. The very good efficiency, the high environmental and compatibility and the high level of reliability ensure that this status will even continue in future. The intensification of exhaust emission limits increases the complexity of engines and exhaust after-treatment systems. Additionally, the CO2 emission must be reduced significantly in order to fulfil all statutory targets. Moreover, the nitrogen-oxide emission (NOX) gained with regard to real driving in significant importance.


Against this background, the design of the powertrain requires an overall consideration. This means that not only the engine itself but the entire motor vehicle system must be optimized for the real driving. The functional adjustments of new concepts in a vehicle represents a complex challenge and can only be solved with innovative control strategies combined with simulation calculations, new measurement technology and innovative testing methods such as "Engine-in-the-loop" simulation.


Therefore, EMISSION CONTROL focuses on the control of exhaust emission, fuel consumption and energy management of the vehicle during dynamic driving conditions (Real-Driving-Emissions) which shall be qualified to achieve the optimum for the entire vehicle system. At the 8th EMISSION CONTROL the latest results and methods of development for Otto-, diesel and gas engines will be represented. In addition, the 9th EMISSION CONTROL puts an emphasis on sustainable mobility.


The conference will be held in two languages (German and English) supported by simultaneous translation. As an expert’s conference the 9th EMISSION CONTROL offers an excellent exchange of knowledge and experience to engineers of the automotive, engine, suppliers and measurement industry who like to face the challenge and responsibility of a sustainable development.