EMISSION CONTROL - Real Driving Emissions

 The main emphasis of the conference:


  • engine internal methods to reduce the emission
  • alternative combustion processes
  • innovative engine concepts, including well to wheel considerations
  • new technologies of exhaust after-treatment, focused on real-driving-emissions
  • automotive catalysts and coatings
  • control strategies, including model-based methods
  • overall system performance (hardware-in-the-loop) measurement and simulation
  • sensor technology and On-Board-diagnosis
  • development methods and tools for components and systems
  • legislation and regulation, RDE
  • exhaust gas measurement and analysis, portable systems
  • sustainable mobility and electrification
  • well to wheel considerations
  • fuels and lubricants, including renewablests


We ask you to kindly send us a suggestion for a lecture from your house for the 10th EMISSION CONTROL CONFERENCE 2019 referring to one of the main focus subjects mentioned above.

We would be very grateful if you could contribute to a successful conference in this way.

If your answer is positive we expect the lecture’s title in German and English language together with the author’s names.

Please send your proposal to info@emission-control-dresden.de .


Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Atzler